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Its that time again, the humidity is gone and we are all feeling dryer because of it and then all of a sudden the sun we covered up from in summer is inviting us because it is so warming in the cooler months.  Even us therapist love the sun too.  But we are also aware of the damaging sunlight and the desire to look as good as we can whilst ageing gracefully. So everything is moderation I say.  When I went to Thailand 2 years ago, I observed the European.  Most of them enjoyed the first few rays in the morning on the daily beach walks, which I think is far healthier than nothing at all, as vitamin D is so important for our overall wellbeing.  In Saying that, this brings me to draw your attention to my favourite product.  Its called...Payot SPF50+ CC expert...I love this product and so does everyone that has purchased it.  It throws light reflection so that pigmentation and fines are not defined but softened, it act like a tinted moisturiser because it has minerals that react with the skin cells and create a cover using the light reflection once again to give you a flawless look.  Which allows you safely to enjoy the sun without the damage of UV A & B rays.  

We also have the Brow Magic and White Night Mascara - water resistant and the perfect way to harness your makeup free day....Thanks to Poni 

We have specials on that will safe you $$$ with a free wallet and a $10 gift voucher just to tempt you.
Plus we are extending our promotion below...through winter as its a nice way to warm up.

We look forward to seeing you...8850 6636

      Oakhill Village Shopping Centre
      Shop 13, 83 David Road, CASTLE HILL NSW 2154
      m; 0404 871 300
      tel;02 88506636 (available in 2 weeks)

      Previous Activity at Botanika...

      Botanika Launch Party

      Join us and share in the celebration of the new location...

      Next Tuesday 
      24th Feb 

      Cant Wait to see you All 

      Environ Products
      This is really important to note before buying online people :-
      Environ® has no authorised online shops and any product purchased online is not guaranteed by Environ® in the case of a reaction, allergy or a defective product.

      School Fair

      Botanika Skin Studio show cased its skills of experience and love for the industry that it provides the community with, on Sunday the 29th of August. 

      Favourite Saying

      Testimonials inspired from experiences at the Studio;

      "Sorry it has taken me so long to get around to doing this, but I wanted to leave you a testimonial. 'Everything about Nicole's salon has the X factor - the products, the experience, the results and Nicole herself. After one facial I knew I'd never go anywhere else.' All the best Nicole and see you soon! Warm Regards, Susan"

      Old News - but an interesting Gossip

      Nicole from Botanika Skin Studio was delighted to be given the opportunity to work with Anita Lee on Set of her new short film, producing high quality film makeup...for the Actors on Set, such as Sandy Gore.  Sandy has been in the Film industry for the last 40 years, staring in well known films such as Australia/Director Baz Luhrmann, Brides of Christ to name a few.  As soon as I heard her speak I knew she was famous and felt privileged to work with her.  She's a gift!

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